““How I Left My £10,000 Per Year Job To Make £174,484 Over The Next 12 Months Through Property…”

And do you know the worst bit of it all?

I had a J.O.B!

Do you know the feeling where you wake up Monday morning with that nervous feeling in your stomach?

Knowing you have to work in a little box answering orders from your “boss”?

Urghh… it gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

I was living month to month, barely affording rent, I had to cancel my gym membership, and in some cases I had ZERO money to eat! It got worse, a LOT worse!!

I started to max out my credit cards as my monthly income just wasn’t enough… It was barely hitting the 1k mark … yes you heard it?
I was making less that £10,000 a year!

To make a long story short … one day it hit me.

I thought – “How long can I go on living like this?” Seriously?

There has to be a better way to live than this?

Well… we don’t get taught how to make money and design a life of our dreams at school….. do we?

So, this forced me to search for successful people in business and LIFE in general.

Once I realised what was possible … I was hooked.

To make a long story short … After 2 years and watching thousands of hours of self-development videos, business, and lifestyle design, I was aware of what was possible in life.

Don’t ask me how much books I have read.. its scary!

This was all great but I was still working a J.O.B and I was getting more frustrated because I knew what was possible, I just needed to find a “lane” to dive into and express what I knew I was capable of.

Then come along creative property investing.

I will tell you honestly now … from the bottom of my heart, this was a complete life changer for me, call it divine intervention or whatever you want, this was a true miracle.

Let me tell you about it.

As I said earlier, I was looking for an escape from my J.O.B it was killing my soul working, I forgot to say what J.O.B. I was doing.
I was actually selling sport and nutrition products for a company called GNC … I enjoyed health and fitness but the money was appalling to say the least, I had to change otherwise my next step was become a manager and working 50-60 hours a week.
Trust me, this was an even worse nightmare.

I can remember now walking home with my friend Will … he mentioned to me how cheap the real estate foreclosures were in the United States. I took this in and thought why not save up for 2-3 years and buy some properties BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF, then rent them?

To be honest I didn’t have a clue … but this sounded like an option for me at the time.

So I done some digging on the internet as you do … Surprisingly I come across creative real estate… now this blew my mind.
To be honest I was sceptical at first, I thought is this a “scam” it must be.

It can’t be the easy… the gurus were saying things like:

  •  You can buy real estate for money down, all you need is a £1.00
  • You can make £5,000 – £20,000 or more Flipping houses without owning it
  •  You find a house for £75,000 and find a buyer for £80,000.

They said you are the middleman, you match the seller and the buyer together and take the difference.
And in this case it was £5,000!

The best part… I needed no money, no credit, and no experience.

You didn’t even have to meet the seller, it could all be done over the phone.

Now the above part did excite me.

Anyone can do this!

So I thought okay … It sounds all good.

However, I was sceptical… but I was also open minded as I had hit rock bottom.

When I started to do more digging, I was seeing these amazing case studies of “regular folks” making £100,000 a year … some even a million.

I said to myself at the time; If I just make £3,000 per month doing 1 deal, this would be so awesome… It would change my life completely.

And it did. To make a long story short… I started to apply what I learned and I quickly started to make money, and I mean a lot of money.

The best feeling, I fired my BOSS!

Do you know the funny thing? My “ex-boss” asked me to keep him in mind when hiring for sales managers in the future? Imagine how good that felt?

Look now – imagine going from £1,000 a month, to £10,000 a month? Literally 10x your income overnight?

I was hooked… people started asking if I had won the lottery … Seriously!

Let me tell you about my breakthrough…

My first ever property deal I done. The seller was in the United States, Memphis, Tennessee; and I was in London (England).
So how did I do it?

I actually contacted him on Craigslist (craigslist is a popular classified ads website in the United States) where sellers list their home privately, so it was perfect for me at the time.

I sent him an email saying these exact words:

“Hi, Would you be open to a quick cash offer of $10,000? We can pay all cash and close in 2-4 weeks. This couldn’t work for you would it? Thanks, Tom Wade”

He replied via email and said “can you offer anymore?”

I said this is the best I could do, to my surprise he comeback to me within 24 hours and said if you can complete in 4 weeks we have a deal.

This amazed me, I hadn’t met anyone at their property, I didn’t speak with the seller, it was all done over the laptop via email … I didn’t even know it was a deal, the only urge for the offer was because he was selling it at $25,000 so I thought I would offer $10,000 I really had nothing to lose.

I could have been an alien for all he knew …

So my next steps was to find a buyer for the property. I actually found a group on Facebook called Wholesaling Houses Full Time.
The great thing about this group was that there were tens of thousands of hungry cash buyers (investors) looking for deals.
So … Without thinking twice I posted my deal with the $15,000 dollar price tag.

I basically marked it up $5,000 dollars.

To my surprise I had a buyer personal message me in minutes, he wanted to have a look at the property first thing in the morning.
I spoke to the seller and found out he was based in England… he was an overseas investor that bought property in the United States.
However, he had tenant trash the place and the house was boarded out, it was in a complete mess … It needed a full refurbishment.
The Realtor (agent) had the keys at the time … I leased with the agent and the buyer collected the keys and viewed the property.
Again, this was all done over email. I had NOT met the seller, the buyer, or the agent… it was completely remote. The buyer wanted it …

At first I was in dis-belief and was shocked… was I really going to make $5,000 for about 4 hours work?

The truth was an outstanding YES!

The deal went through the solicitors (legal guys) and I had a wire hit my account for $5,000 (£3,374 in pounds)

This moment completely changed my life.

I asked myself a question. “If I can flip 1-3 property deals like this a month how would my life look”…?

I had gained momentum and my belief was through the roof … I proved to myself that is worked, all I had to do next is take consistent action and scale it to a new level.

My second BIG breakthrough was MASSIVE!

A real game changer to me at the time.

I said to myself why don’t I apply these same strategies in my own back garden.

Right here in the UK.

For one there was less “competition” and the other reason was it just was a lot easier to do deals in England and make a LOT more money.

So I applied the exact same strategies to the market in England.

I found a motivated seller that was willing to sell quickly and below the market value, and I found a hungry cash buyer that was after property deals.

I matched the two together and got paid for being the middleman.

The best part? Absolutely nobody was doing it the way I was doing it… I had the whole country completely to myself.

The market was untapped!

Over the years I went on to flip a ton of property deals while making hundreds of thousands working part time … All remotely from my laptop.

I done all this without any money, credit, or experience.

I have to make a confession as well… (I have never, ever met one seller in my life)

This upset a LOT of “gurus” that teach in the U.K.

They teach you how to meet the sellers, but I have found that to be a “waste” of time and kind of uninspiring…

I would rather work from home.. or my second home.

If you had a choice wouldn’t you rather be at home in your office closing these deals and making a ton of money?

I don’t know… You tell me?

Driving around someone’s house on a Friday evening or flipping property on holiday?

I prefer the latter myself, and the great thing about this business is that ANYONE can do it.

So that’s a short story about me…

I wanted to keep it brief so I didn’t send you to sleep …

I just want to show you that if I can quit my job, become rich, and travel you can to.

You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t enjoy what you do, what on earth is the point?

That’s why I decided to design my life around my business … I wanted a business that gave me freedom, more time with my family, and also generates me a fantastic income.

I wanted to live life on my own terms, period!

If you’d like to understand how remote property flipping works in more detail, then I’ve written a book called “How To Flip Properties With NO Money, Credit, Or Experience”.


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