What is The Mentoring Program (FAQ)


Are you ready to start your own property sourcing business?

If you’d like to start your property sourcing business but you don’t know where to start, I have very good news, I can offer you my one to one support to help you every step along the way. You might want to create a business on the side of your job, or in the next 6-12 months make enough income to take the leap and leave your job. Some of you are high achievers and want to turn your yearly income into your monthly income — but you need a plan, thats proven, and works for beginners.

Right now, we’re accepting new applications for my 12 Month Property Sourcing Mentoring Program.

The Mentor Program is 12 Month Program that teaches you everything you need to start your very own profitable property wholesaling business, without using money, credit, or buying any properties.  We give you the tools, templates, systems, software, power team, online training, in person group seminars, live weekly training, and so much more…. but most importantly the support, coaching, accountability, and immersion training to ensure you are getting results — and making a great return on investment.

You can get the full scoop in the video above.

This program is seriously powerful, it’s where ALL of my six figures clients have come from, but let me be honest guys.

WARNING: This probably isn’t for you. And here is why. If you are looking to press a few buttons, do no work, and make money you have come to the wrong guy. Every student that is making significant income right now — follows my process and blueprints to the tee, learns fast, takes massive actions, and shows up to all the trainings and does EXACTLY what I say. They are dedicated students — and I am looking for a few more to mentor and coach in 2019.

Here’s how the process works.

For the new few days, we’ll jump on the phone together with you for a free session, and myself or someone on my team will work with you to create a clear plan to crush 2019 —- you can ask us some questions, and we will ask you some questions to see if we are a ‘fit’.

At the end of the call, if we both agree that you’re a good fit for the program, we’ll discuss the details of how it all works together, and you can decide if it’s something you’d like to be a part of, or not. But I must warn you — once the spots are filled, they are filled, and enrolment closes and doesn’t open for a long time.

Before you apply, you need to fit the criteria below:

1. You are looking for a mentor
2. You want accountability and a clear direction
3. You have financial resources to invest in the mentoring program — this is a business, not a charity.
4. You see this program as a long term investment — no get rich people please – they don’t exist
5. You value your time highly, and don’t want to invest countless years, trying to figure out the best path on your own
6. You’ve watched the training video above — in its entirety.

Please… you know in your heart whether you’ve got what it takes or not… please don’t waste my time, my consultants time, or your time by applying if you know this isn’t for you. If you are rush the application — and do waste our time, and your own, we won’t accept any future applications (we don’t mean to be too hard, but we are so busy helping are students, we really our looking for dedicated individuals that are serious and ready to go to the next level).

IMPORTANT (Please read).
Due to high demand, we can only accept the best applications, so please complete the application process thoughtfully.

The more detailed your application, the higher probability we’ll accept it, and be able to conduct your call. If we review your application and think you’re not that serious, we’ll cancel your call in advance and let you know you’re application hasn’t been accepted.

To be clear, this call is ONLY for people who are seriously considering getting started in the Mentoring Program, if there’s space available, and want to work with me one to one, and create significant change in 2019.

Here’s what to do next.

1. Watch the video at the top of this page — completely!
2. Click the ‘Apply’ button below to see if you qualify

NOT EVERYONE IS ACCEPTED — due to the strict criteria we have, make sure you fill the application in full, have the financial ability to invest in the program, and are dedicated.

Speak to you very soon,